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penis shotsHumbleempress1    Columbus, Georgia
I have lived in South Carolina all my life. I am easy going and laid back. Staying home watching a movie is just fine with me, but it is also nice to go out on the town every once in a while.
woman masterbatingkoolme    Snell, Virginia
First of all, family is a huge thing to me, at least i hope so bc i have a tattoo on my inner arm that says "family" haha. Played minor league baseball since I got outta college at niu.
milf and young manvagus    Chesapeake, Virginia
Independence is an asset. Trust, and giving someone space is important. It's ok for my gf to go out with her friends wherever she wants. If we go somewhere and people look at her it doesn't bother me
women who like peggingyangxiao    Eubank, Kentucky
Hobbies - Baking, BSL, walking the pooch, runningGoals - Change everyday :)Music - All genres but my first love is house music, all they way from funky to electro, love anything wi

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